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Innovation requires boldness and courage, but above all wisdom. It is necessary to value the experiences gained in the past, understand all the nuances provided by the current reality and, finally, be aware of the changes and opportunities the future holds.

In 1970, Anhembi Morumbi was founded as the first college in Brazil to offer higher education in the Tourism sector. Back then, many people did not quite understand the breadth of the Tourism segment, or even its importance to the country’s economy. Concepts such as tourism potential and hospitality were introduced. And most importantly: a process of professional qualification started, which is increasingly valued in the labor market.

Since then, the pioneering spirit is the hallmark of Anhembi Morumbi’s history, causing profound changes in the direction of higher education in Brazil. There are many examples of unprecedented courses launched by the Institution, among them, Gastronomy, Chiropractic, Digital Design and Civil Aviation – areas in which it became a teaching reference.

B Corporation Certification

Anhembi Morumbi University passed the strict B Lab® certification assessment and became a B Corp™ certified institution. B Lab® is an independent, non-profit organization acting as a global movement of people using business as a force for good deeds. Anhembi Morumbi University is a member of the Laureate International Universities and Laureate Education, Inc., currently the largest company in the world to become a B Corp™.

Work Philosophy


Provide high quality education, forming leaders and professionals able to respond to the demands of a globalized world and contribute towards the social and environmental progress with entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values.


Consolidate our leadership position in Higher Education in all areas of knowledge we act in, forming the largest number of distinguished professionals through academic excellence, innovation and internationality.


  • Passion
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Focus on Result
  • Social & Environmental Responsibility
  • Ethics & Transparency


A University of open borders and minds
Anhembi Morumbi offers innovative courses that anticipate market trends and create new educational standards. Additionally, it provides students with a global overview of the market, making them able to work in any part of the country and the world.


In our students, we seek to develop the ability to, within their specialties, constantly engage in and identify business opportunities.


Anhembi Morumbi University has innovation at its core. Always aligned to the market needs, it was the first educational institution to launch a Tourism degree, as well as pioneering in launching the Civil Aviation, Digital Design, Aesthetics, Gastronomy and Chiropractic courses.

It is the first University to build a SPA School and a Healthcare simulation center. When launching its Distance Learning courses ten years ago, Anhembi Morumbi University also showed its innovation, using the most appropriate technology for distance learning so the student is able to study when and where he wishes to.

The teaching methodology adopted at Anhembi Morumbi prepares students for the challenges of the labor market, making them experience and apply in practice the knowledge they acquired in the classroom, while developing a critical view in the search for solutions to everyday challenges. All this, combined with its world-class infrastructure, ensures the success of our students.

Academic Quality:
Anhembi Morumbi features among the best universities in Brazil, earning 141 stars in Guia do Estudante Abril 2015 [2015 Abril Student Guide]. Additionally, its world-class infrastructure reinforces the commitment the University has in forming entrepreneurial and innovative professionals, who are aware of their role in the construction of a solid and promising global community.

Since 2005, Anhembi Morumbi is part of the Laureate University International Network, one of the largest international groups of universities in the world, with over 80 teaching institutions in 28 countries.

Since its foundation in the 1970’s, Anhembi Morumbi University assertively acts towards the evolution of higher education in Brazil. The institution is renowned for creating professions from market trends, as well as featuring among the best universities in the country. Tradition and pioneering spirit towards education.


Management team

André Gustavo Bonfá Lourenço Student Services
Érika Sayuri Asano Student Acquisition

Dean’s Office

Paolo Roberto Inglese Tommasini Dean
Cristiane Alperstedt Director of Quality Academic Control

Academic Board

Luciano Freire Director of the School of Exact Sciences, Architecture & Design
Luiz Alberto de Farias Director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Marcos Paulo Freire Director of the School of Health Sciences

General Secretariat

Regiane Penteado Pontes

Executive Board – São Paulo

Daniel Campos Director of Human Resources
Fabiano Laperuta Legal Director
Icaro Varzoni Information Technology Director
João de Lucca Operations Director
Alexandre Di Sesso Chief Financial Officer

Laureate Network

Anhembi Morumbi University invites you to learn more about the Laureate Network, one of the largest international groups of universities in the world, with over 70 teaching institutions in 25 countries.

This network brings together physical and online campuses, offering undergraduate and post-graduation programs to over 1 million students around the world.

There are courses in Engineering, Education, Communication, Business, Health, Law, Architecture, Hospitality, Arts and Information Technology, among others.

Through Anhembi Morumbi, you can be part of this international academic community, present in North America, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

In order to take advantage of the best exchange program opportunities among the universities in the Laureate Network throughout the world and make it a memorable experience, the International Office, Anhembi Morumbi’s international department, provide you with all the necessary support, such as:

Support for organizing the documentation and other requirements for the Exchange program;

Information sessions with parents and students before leaving;

Organization for students to travel in a single group.

> Go to the specific International Office site and get more information on the exchange programs, pictures from the universities, monthly cost of living in each country and other information.

> Go to the Laureate International Universities official website and learn more about this important network.

> Take the opportunity and register today to one of the Vacation or 1 semester/1 year International Programs Bon voyage and good studies!

Social Responsibility

Anhembi Morumbi University creates conditions for Social Responsibility and Sustainability concepts and actions be present in lesson plans and teaching practices, as well as in the relationship with the communities in which it operates. Through programs, projects and planned actions, several practices are guided and encouraged in order to:

Show the importance of the social dimension in the professional training of our students;
Provide resources and knowledge for the development of the society;
Promote the development of school plans seeking permanent and systematic interaction with the social reality.

Ombudsman's Office

Anhembi Morumbi University wants to hear you on how to continuously improve its processes and courses.

If you have any suggestions, criticism or compliments in relation to services provided or a complaint that has not been solved by the Student Service Center, please contact us at:

You will be answered within 10 (ten) working days from the sending of the message.

Please Note: In the event of a complaint, before contacting the Ombudsman, you should try to seek a solution through the University’s official channels and wait for the answer to your request. It is important to inform your name, RA or functional number and contact details in the email.

Click here to access the Anhembi Morumbi University Ombudsman regulation.





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